"Big enough to deliver, small enough to care"

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More About Our Company

Four generations of the Smith Family have farmed land located 12 miles southwest of Kinston, North Carolina in the Strabane Community of Lenoir County.  My father, the late T.C. Smith and mother, Nell Smith primarily farmed tobacco and livestock.  In the late 70’s, they ended the pork production and move primarily to beef production.  In 1985, the farm began to produce fruit and vegetables.  The first strawberry crop was planted in 1985, only a mere 2 acre field.  Today we grow a vast 15 acres of strawberries and plan to expand in the future.

We also grow cantaloupes, sweet corn, watermelons, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and greens including asparagus.  Our retail market is located at the farm and we have several markets located in LaGrange and Kinston.  We have a large wholesale warehouse on that farm from which we ship directly to grocers and restaurants.

We strive to provide fresh grown fruits and vegetables for our community, state and nation.  We are a family business, we all contribute to get the work done.  Even now, my mother still works on the farm selling produce in the retail market.

Thank you and remember, “we are large enough to deliver, yet small enough to care.”


Curtis and Kim Smith


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